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Though your patio door may not make as big an impact on your home’s appearance as your entry door – it doesn’t mean you should skimp on quality. A fiberglass patio door system also plays an important role in keeping your house energy efficient, safe and beautiful.

Durable Fiberglass Construction: Won’t dent, rot or rust, warp, swell, split or crack. That means low maintenance for you.

  1. Compression Weatherstripping: Provides a tight seal to keep Mother Nature out.
  2. Insulated Polyurethane Foam Core: Energy efficiency with up to 5 times the insulation value of real wood.
  3. Heavy Duty Door Sweep: Creates a virtually air-tight seal.
  4. Rot-resistant Jambs: Primed, ready to paint, while preventing rot and insect damage.
  5. Leak Protection Pad: Reduces a typical point of air and moisture infiltration, providing a special corner “pocket” that keeps air and moisture from creeping through.
  6. Adjustable Thermal Break Threshold: Maintenance free and rot resistant composite cap. It offers a unique self-sealing design.
  7. Insulated Tempered Safety Glass: Up to 4 times stronger than ordinary glass. If it’s struck, the glass breaks into pebble-like pieces without sharp edges.
  8. Lock Block with Double Bore: Provides extra support for security hardware.

Optional White Screen Kit: Lets fresh air in and keeps insects out.
Optional 3-Point Locking System: It secures the door at the top, middle and bottom, and features a solid 1" stainless steel deadbolt that can be keyed to match the rest of your house.1 A durable solid brass handle provides lasting beauty. The complete system provides a weather-tight seal.
1 To existing Schlage locks.
Sold exclusively at Lowe’s
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